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3D printed anatomical models for preoperative planning

The neurosurgery team at RLH have been working with Axial 3D to produce personalised 3D printed anatomical models from preoperative stealth scans.

Healthcare is the fastest growing area of 3D printing and these models offer a true replica of the patient’s anatomy and new insights into operative planning.

Our goal is to use these models for preoperative simulation, to enhance communication with patients and team communication and training.

So far we have printed models of intracranial aneurysms, skull base tumours, covexity tumours and colloid cysts. We hope to harnass this innovation to improve patient care and surgical outcomes and will be formally evaluating 3D printing as an operative planning tool.

3D printed model of a colloid cyst prior to endoscopic resection

Mr Alamri is excited to welcome the new 3D printer to our department

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