BHRUT & Barts Health Neurosurgery Joint Governance and Education Programme 2018

Our joint departmental meetings will be held on alternate weeks starting on Wednesday 17th October 2018, with the aim of fully merging our clinical governance and departmental teaching programmes by 2019.

The provisional programme for these joint Wednesday afternoon meetings is outlined below:


October – Spinal Oncology and Vascular

Wednesday 17th

(Joint Meeting)

13.30 Lunch

14.00 Case presentation and literature review – Perioperative and surgical considerations in resection of metastatic intracranial phaeochromocytoma – Mr Jack Penn (RLH -ST4)

14.30 Case presentation and literature review – Queen’s Trainee (TBC)

15.00 Consultant presentation: Mr Chris Uff, Clinical Lead for Neurosurgery at RLH

16.00 Trainee Teaching –

Intradural Tumours of the Spine

Mr Bhaskar Thakur – Spine Fellow

16.00 Consultants’ Meeting
Wednesday 24th 13.30 Lunch

14.00 Commercial Presentation

Severn Healthcare Technologies

15.00 Decision making an Scoring Systems in MSCC

Mr Ahmed Sadek – Spine Fellow

16.00 Neuroradiology Teaching –

Classification and Management of Spinal AVMs

Dr Levan Makalanda – Consultant Interventional Neuroradiologist

16.00 Consultants’ Meeting
Wednesday 31st

(Joint Meeting)

13.30 Lunch

14.00 Case presentation and literature review – RLH Trainee

Mr Alex Alamri

‘Moya Moya presenting with subarachnoid haemorrhage- what neurosurgeons need to know about the disease’

14.30 Case presentation and literature review – Queen’s Trainee

Mr Arnab Ghosh

‘Hydrocephalus in TB meningitis – between a rock and a hard place’

15.00 Consultant Presentation Mr James Barber,  Consultant Neurosurgeon

‘Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus – patient selection and surgical management’

16.00 Trainee Teaching –

Ms Grainne McKenna

NICE guidelines on Primary Brain tumours and brain metastases in adults (July 2018)

16.00 Consultants’ Meeting



November – Hydrocephalus

Wednesday 7th 13.30 Lunch

14.00 Commercial Presentation: BBraun

15.00  M&M (October) Chair: Mr Chris Uff

16.00 Trainee Teaching –

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus – How to select patients for VPS- Tap test, Extended Lumbar Drainage or CSF Infusion Studies?

Ms Gráinne McKenna

16.00 Consultants’ Meeting
Wednesday 14th

(Joint Meeting)

13.30 Lunch

14.00 Case presentation and literature review Case series of cerebral abscesses in patients with grown-up congenital heart disease – Mr Thomas Doke (RLH – ST4)

14.30 Case presentation and literature review – ‘Bad things come in threes’ – Mr Ciaran Hill (Queen’s Trainee)

15.00 Consultant Presentation –

Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Neurosurgery and Treatment of Neurosurgical Infections

Dr Caryn Rosmarin – Consultant Microbiologist

16.00 Trainee Teaching –

Palliative Care in Neurosurgery Patients

Dr Amy Proffitt – Consultant in Palliative Care Medicine


16.00 Consultants’ Meeting
Wednesday 21st 13.30 Lunch

14.00  Commercial Presentation – Severn Medical

15.00  Perioperative Management of Elderly Neurosurgery Patients

Dr Dhanu Sivapathasuntharam – Clinical Lead for Trauma and Perioperative Older People’s Services (TPOPS)

16.00 Clinical Audit Presentation – Ventricular catheter placement, and Infection rates in EVDs and Shunts – Dr Paulette Kumi – Clinical Fellow 16.00 Consultants’ Meeting
Wednesday 28th

(Joint Meeting and North Thames Deanery Teaching)



13.30 Lunch

14.00 Oncological management of spinal metastases

Dr Rachel Lewis – Consultant Oncologist


14.30 Rehabilitation following MSCC – Lindsay Farthing, Clinical Lead for Oncology Therapies, Barts Health

15.00 – 17.00

Haptic Simulator Training for pedicle screw fixation

All Complex Spine Faculty

16.00 Consultants’ Meeting




December – Neurotrauma

Wednesday 5th 13.30 Lunch

14.00 M&M (November) Chair: Mr Chris Uff

15.00 Trainee Teaching –

Neuro-ophthalmology for Neurosurgeons

Dr Naz Raoof – Consultant Neuro-ophthalmologist

16.00 Consultants’ Meeting
Wednesday 12th

(Joint Meeting)

13.30 Lunch

14.00 Case presentation and literature review – RLH Trainee (Moumin Mohamed)

14.30 Case presentation and literature review – Queen’s Trainee (TBC)

15.00 Surgery for Complex Craniofacial Trauma

Simon Holmes – Professor of Maxillofacial Surgery

16.00 Trainee Operative Teaching – Complication avoidance in trauma craniotomies and implementation of a local cranioplasty protocol

Mr Amin Elyas

16.00 Consultants’ Meeting
Wednesday 19th 13.30 Lunch

14.00 Neurosurgery Christmas Quiz

16.00 Trainee Teaching –

Stealth Station Masterclass

Mr Edward Mckintosh – Consultant Neurosurgeon

16.00 Consultants’ Meeting
Wednesday 26th Christmas Holiday