The Royal London Hospital

Our clinical governance and education programme is centred around our Thursday morning departmental meetings. The programme is structured along monthly themes and the provisional timetable is outlined below.

January 2018 – Neurooncology

Thursday 4th 11.00  Joint Neurosciences Meeting

12.00  Neurooncology Teaching

Controversies in the management of Low Grade Glioma

Team Based Learning

Miss Grainne McKenna

Thursday 11th 11.00  M&M (December)


Meningiomas – natural history, treatment and microsurgical strategies for resection.

Mr Amin Elyas

Thursday 18th 11.00  Journal Club & Academic Meeting

Silent diffuse low-grade glioma: Toward screening and preventive treatment?’ presented by Arnab Ghosh

12.00 Neuroradiology Teaching

Dr Jane Evanson – Advanced imaging of gliomas – Recurrence, radiation necrosis or pseudoprogression?

(North Thames Deanery Teaching afternoon – St Mary’s –  Trauma)

Thursday 25th Complex Hydrocephalus Study Day

10.30  Mr James Barber – Consultant Neurosurgeon

Hands on workshop, sponsored by Raumedic


The Glymphatic System – Evidence for the theory of bulk CSF flow and clinical implications

Grainne McKenna


February 2018 – Exam Preparation

Thursday 1st 11.00  M&M (January)


Preparing for the Operative Viva – Mr Amin Elyas

Classical FRCS Exam Scenarios

Thursday 8th 11.00  Commercial PresentationThe Student Loupe Company

12.00  NEURORADIOLOGY TEACHING: Dr Krishnan Anant – Consultant Neuroradiologist

Neuroradiology Viva Practice

Thursday 15th 11.00  Commercial PresentationSynaptive Medical

Modus V – Digital Robotic Microscope

12.00  Junior Doctors’ Meeting and Departmental Induction for new starters         

Ideas, Concerns and Expectations

Thursday 22nd 11.00  Journal Club & Academic Meeting

Landmark Papers in Neurovascular surgery

12.00  CLINICAL TEACHING: Mr Andrew Elsmore – Consultant Neurosurgeon

Clinical Examinations – Bedside Teaching – Short Clinical Cases


March 2018 – Neurovascular

Thursday 1st 11.00  Clinical Governance and Audit Meeting

Clinical Audit Presentation: Head Injury Clinic – An audit of the service and visions for the future

Alice Kershberg – CNS Neurotrauma

Grainne McKenna – ST8 Neurosurgery

12.00  Clinical Work in preparation for North Thames Trainee Teaching at Bart’s Dental School

FRCS Viva Course (13.00-17.00)

Thursday 8th 11.00  Sepsis Training

Dr Andrew Leitch – Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine

11.15  M&M (February)

12.00  Stroke Teaching

Dr Afraim Haddadi – Consultant Neurologist

Acute Stroke Treatment


Thursday 15th 11.00  Journal Club & Academic Meeting

Case presentation: Traumatic carotico-cavernous fistula. Grainne McKenna ST8


Classification, natural history and management of intracranial dAVFs

Thursday 22rd 11.00 Neurosurgery Department Meeting

Holistic Care of the TBI Patient

Alice Kerschberg, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Neurotrauma

12.00 Neuroradiology Teaching

Dr Levan Makalanda: Interventional Neuroradiology –

Intracranial Arterial and Venous Anatomy

Thursday 29th 11.00  Operative Teaching

Mr Chris Uff – Consultant Neurosurgeon

Microsurgical Clipping of Intracranial Aneurysms

12.00  Endocrinology Teaching

Dr Nigel Glynn –  Consultant Endocrinologist

Management of disorders of sodium balance in the neurosurgical patient


April 2018 – Neurotrauma

Thursday 5th 11.00  Palliative Care Teaching

Dr Clare Phillips – Consultant in Palliative Care

Palliative Care in Neurosurgery

12.00  Neurology Teaching

Dr Joshua Hersheson – Senior Neurology Registrar

Neurorehabilitation after Traumatic Brain Injury

Thursday 12th 11.00  M&M (March)


‘Craniectomy to Cranioplasty’ –

Surgical Techniques and Complication Avoidance

Mr Amin Elyas – Neurotrauma Consultant

Thursday 19th 11.00  Journal Club & Academic Meeting

Clinical Audit Presentation: Code Black – Time Critical Neurosurgery

Mr Moumin Mohammed – Clinical Fellow

12.00  HEMS Teaching

Mr Mamoun Abu-Habsa – Consultant in HEMS and Intensive Care Medicine

Prehospital management of TBI, and management of TBI in the context of polytrauma.

Thursday 26th 11.00  Commercial Presentation

N.G. MED. New Generation Medical Products

Burr hole covers for cosmetic and CSF leak prevention.


The role of the Physician’s Associate in Neurosurgery –

An audit of the service and visions for the future

Miss Hira Rana – Physician’s Associate

12.00  Haematology Teaching

Dr Suthesh Sivapalaratnam – Haematology Registrar

Correcting Coagulopathies – Reversal of Direct Oral Anticoagulants and Antiplatelet agents in elderly patients with Traumatic Brain Injury


May 2018 – Spinal Trauma

Thursday 3rd
11.00 PRESTO Trial 
Pragmatic Randomised Evaluation of Stable Thoracolumbar fracture treatment Outcomes
Peter May – Orthopaedic Research Associate and Musculoskeletal Specialist Physiotherapist
Arun Ranganathan – Consultant Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon
11.20 What constitutes informed consent?
Thefaut v Johnston – a game changer for consent in elective surgery
Gráinne McKenna ST8

12.00 Neurophysiology Teaching

Dr  Daniel Rudd – Clinical Neurophysiologist

Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring

Thursday 10th 11.00  M&M (April)

12.00 Complex Spine Teaching

Mr Jonathan Bull – Consultant Neurosurgeon

Management of Odontoid fractures in the elderly

Thursday 17th 11.00  Clinical Governance Meeting

Neurosurgery Clinical Audit Meeting

12.00 Complex Spine Teaching

Senior Sister Amy MacNeilSpinal Clinical Nurse Specialist

Spinal Cord Injury Pathway

Thursday 24th 10.30  Spinal Trauma Study Day

Hands on workshop (10.30-13.30)

Sponsored by RTI

Complex Spine Team

Consultant Neurosurgeons – Mr Pushpananthan, Mr Bull

Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeons -Mr Sedra, Mr Aftab

Thursday 31st 11.00  Transitional Care Programme

Overview of TCP pathway and process

Alex Alamri, ST3

11.15  Journal Club & Academic Meeting

Jack Penn, ST3

12.00  Palliative Care Teaching

 Dr Clare Phillips – Consultant in Palliative Care

End of Life Care in Neurosurgery


June 2018 – Neurooncology

Thursday 7th 11.00  Neurosurgery Clinical Governance Meeting

Commercial Presentation – Baxter – Haemostatic Agents in Neurosurgery

11.20 Cranioplasty Audit

Miss Micaela Uberti – Neurosurgery Registrar

12.00 Journal Club & Academic Meeting

Low Grade Gliomas – which operation and when?

Samir Matloob and Alex Alamri

TEACHING: Mr Edward Mckintosh

Low Grade Glioma Surgery

Awake craniotomy and cortical mapping


Thursday 14th 11.00  M&M (May)

11.50  Clinical Audit Presentation

Screening for hypopituitarism post-traumatic brain injury

Mr Jack Penn, Neurosurgery Registrar

12.00  Neurooncology Case Presentation and Discussion

Dr Jean Haslam, Neurosurgery Clinical Fellow

Thursday 21st  

11.00   ARCPs for Trainees

Stewart House, 32 Russell Square.


Thursday 28th  

11.00   Commercial Presentation

Integra – Codman Neuro

12.00  Oncology Teaching

Treatment of Gliomas

Dr Rachel Lewis – Consultant Oncologist


July 2018 – Degenerative Spine

Thursday 5th 11.00   Joint Neurosciences Meeting

12.00  Trainee Teaching: 

How not to use the ISCP!

Thursday 12th 11.00  Commercial Presentation

DePuy Synthes Spine

11.20   M&M (June)

12.00  Neuroradiology Teaching

Dr Paul Bhogal – Consultant Interventional Neuroradiologist

Endovascular techniques for treatment of intracranial aneurysms

Thursday 19th 10.30  Degenerative Spine Study Day

Sponsored by Silony

Hands on workshop (10.30-13.30) – Complex Spine Team

Consultant Neurosurgeons –

Mr Pushpananthan, Mr Bull

Complication avoidance in Cauda Equina Syndrome

Thursday 26th 11.00 Commercial Presentation

Lindare Medical M6-C Artificial Cervical Disc

11.20  Journal Club & Academic Meeting

Complex Spine Team – Amin Elyas and David Holmes


Dr Daniel Rudd – Consultant Neurophysiologist

Cervical Radiculopathy or Peripheral Nerve Entrapment?


August 2018 – Functional/Pain/Epilepsy

Thursday 2nd 11.00  Neurosurgery Departmental Induction

12.00  Operative Teaching & Case Discussion

Mr John Wadley – Consultant Neurosurgeon

Percutaneous, Microsurgical and Radiosurgical treatments for Trigeminal Neuralgia

Thursday 9th 10.00 Audit Presentation and review of DVLA guidance

DVLA advice for Neurosurgery Patients on Discharge from Hospital

Dr Paulette Kumi

11.00 Teaching for Trainees

Assessment and management of critically ill neurosurgery patients

Grainne McKenna

Thursday 16th

10.45 Audit Presentation and team discussion:

The RCS Guidelines for Morbidity and Mortality Meetings and SBNS Guidelines on implementation of Duty of Candour

Mr Tom Doke

11.00 Morbidity and Mortality Meeting (July)

12.00 Teaching for Trainees

Short Clinical Cases

Thursday 23rd 11.00  Journal Club & Academic Meeting

Miss Catherine Zhang

Effects of Surgery with Salvage Stereotactic Radiosurgery versus Surgery with Whole-Brain Radiation Therapy in Patients with One to Four Brain Metatases.

Kayama et al. Journal of Clinical Oncology, June 2018.

12.00  Teaching for Trainees:

Low Grade Glioma Quiz

Grainne McKenna

Thursday 30th 11.00  National Incident Reporting Study

John Hanrahan and Alexander Carter

12.00  TEACHING: Dr Daniel Rudd – Consultant Neurophysiologist



September 2018 – Skull Base Surgery

Thursday 6th 11.00   3D printers for operative planning in Neurosurgery 

Axial 3D Demonstration

Axial 3D

12.00  Management of Pituitary Tumours and review of NICE Guidelines on Management of Pituitary Apoplexy

Grainne McKenna and Amin Elyas

Thursday 13th 11.00   M&M (August)

12.00   TEACHING: Dr Nigel Glynn – Pituitary Endocrinology

Endocrine dysfunction with pituitary tumours

Thursday 20th 10.00 Mandatory Fire Training

Bearsted Lecture Theatre, Dental School Basement


SBNS London

Thursday 27th 09.00-12.30  Human Factors Training for NatSSIPs

Dr Annie Hunningher – Consultant Anaesthetist

National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures


October 2018 – Spinal Oncology/Vascular

Thursday 4th 11.00  Joint Neurosciences Meeting


Mr Bhaskar Thakur

Spine Fellow

Intradural Tumours of the Spine

Thursday 11th 11.00  M&M (September)


Dr Levan Makalanda – Consultant Interventional Neuroradiologist –

Classification and Management of Spinal AVMs

Thursday 18th 10.30  Spinal Oncology/MSSC Study Day

Sponsored hands on workshop (10.30-13.30)

Complex Spine Team

Consultant Neurosurgeons –

Mr Pushpananthan, Mr Bull

Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeons –

Mr Rananathan, Mr Montgomery, Mr Aftab, Mr Nadarajah

Consultant Oncologist –  Dr Rachel Lewis – Oncological management of spinal metastases

Thursday 25th 11.00 Perioperative Management of Elderly Neurosurgery Patients

Dr Dhanu Sivapathasuntharam

Clinical Lead for Trauma and Perioperative Older People’s Services (TPOPS)


Brainstem and Spinal Cord Vascular Occlusion Syndromes


November 2018 – Hydrocephalus

Thursday 1st 11.00  Surgical treatments for Ideopathic Intracranial Hypertension

Mr James Barber – Consultant Neurosurgeon

Complex Hydrocephalus


Neuroradiology Viva

Thursday 8th 11.00  M&M (October)


Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus – How to select patients for VPS- Tap test, Extended Lumbar Drainage or CSF Infusion Studies?

Thursday 15th 11.00  Journal Club & Academic Meeting


Ms Naz Raoof  – Consultant Neuroophthalmologist

Neuro-ophthalmology for Neurosurgeons

Thursday 22nd 11.00  Operative Teaching and Case Discussions

Endoscopic Techniques

Mr Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos – Consultant Neurosurgeon



Dr Caryn Rosmarin – Microbiology Consultant

Antibiotic Prophylaxis and Treatment of Neurosurgical Infections




11.00  Commercial Presentation

Severn Healthcare Technologies

12.00 Audit Presentation

Ventricular catheter placement, and

Infection rates in EVDs and Shunts

Dr Paulette Kumi

December 2018 – Neurotrauma

Thursday 6th 11.00  Joint Neurosciences Meeting

12.00  TEACHING:  Prof Simon Holmes – Maxillofacial Surgery

Surgery for Complex Craniofacial Trauma

Thursday 13th 11.00  M&M (November)

12.00  TEACHING: Dr Vishi Verma – Neurointensive Care

Neuromonitoring in Traumatic Brain Injury

Thursday 20th 11.00  Christmas Quiz


Complication avoidance in Trauma Craniotomies and Cranioplasties

Thursday 27th No Meeting